Our Company

Golden Fresh was created in May 2010, Since its beginning the company was involved in agribusiness sector. In 2014 it started with peruvian coffee, initially as exporter of green coffee, currently it has implemented a roasted facility to promote and trade different presentations of roasted coffee from traditionals and even capsules compatible with Nespresso™.Golden Fresh has an strict quality assurance system and an specialist team working with more than 15 years in the peruvian specialty coffees trade sector for the worldwide market.

Our company is focused on production and trade of specialty coffees under brand “Black Peruvian Coffee”. Golden Fresh has a network of certified growers that produce specialty coffees between 1200 and 1800 meters above sea level, located in the peruvian rainforest. Our coffee is subjected to physical and sensory evaluations by Q graders (Certified testers) in associate laboratories to guarantee the quality of our products for international and local markets.

Golden Fresh Peru S.A.C. offer an outsourcing services of roast and special packaging in bags or capsules for grower or companies partners to promote the peruvians specialty coffees.

We have a quality management system that covers all stages of the production chain, which allows us to obtain a high quality product and facilitates the traceability of our product.

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